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We are your trusted e-cigarette shop for all your vaping needs. Pop into one of our vape shop at 208 King Street in the centre of Hammersmith or near Waterloo Station for some friendly advice from our experienced staff, or browse our online vape store for quality products at competitive prices.

Our main shop in Hammersmith has been open since 2013, and we are proud of our solid base of loyal customers. We are enthusiastic vapers ourselves and visit vape shops and suppliers in the UK and France to find the best flavours and products for our customers.

All our stock complies with e-cigarette legislation (TPD), and three of our e-liquid brands have been certified as excellent by AFNOR.

We only sell reliable and certified vaping products and supplies – customer satisfaction is our priority, as this is the greatest help when it comes to stop smoking.

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Aspire K2 Starter Kit

Aspire K2 Starter Kit An economical and convenient tobacco alternative. Aspire K2 Starter Kit brings you refillable tank with a rechargeable battery. All parts are replaceable and easy to find in any vape shop. When it comes to flavours, you will ..

£27.99 Ex Tax: £23.33

Aspire K3 Starter Kit

Aspire K3 Starter Kit An economical and convenient tobacco alternative. Aspire K3 starter kit brings you refillable tank with a rechargeable battery. All parts are replaceable and easy to find in any vape shop. When it comes to flavours, you will ..

£32.99 Ex Tax: £27.49

Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Kit -28%

Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Kit

Aspire Breeze 2 Starter Kit AIO (All-in-one) design equipped with a refillable cartridge, airflow control and changeable anti-leak U-tech coils. Breeze 2 has been redesigned over its predecessor and allows now use of nicotine salt based e-liquids...

£24.99 £18.00 Ex Tax: £15.00

Aspire X30 Rover -28% Out Of Stock

Aspire X30 Rover

Aspire X30 Rover X30 Rover Kit is quintessential on the go vape solution. Rove the city streets, relax at home, or push through the busy morning commute on the way to your desk. The compact NX30 mod teamed together with the low-profile Nautilus X ..

£39.90 £28.90 Ex Tax: £24.08

VooPoo Drag Mini Mod 4400mAh

VooPoo Drag Mini Mod 4400mAh The Most Powerful Pocket Mod Ever To create DRAG mini, Drag mod was reinvented from the inside out. With the same advanced "GENE.FIT" chip used in DRAG 2, DRAG mini is more reliable than you have ever imag..

£54.95 Ex Tax: £45.79

Stop Smoking FAQ
I want to stop smoking. How can vaping help me?

According to the NHS, an estimated 2.9 million adults in Great Britain use e-cigarettes and about half of them have completely stopped smoking cigarettes. Vaping can be a great help to stop smoking because it’s a much healthier way of giving your body the nicotine it craves. It is important though, to use the correct strength of e-liquid and to stop smoking cigarettes completely. Once you have made the switch to e-cigarettes, you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine you consume by switching to an e-liquid with lower (or eventually zero) nicotine content, if you wish.

Is vaping safe?

The NHS and the British Heart Foundation strongly recommended Vaping as a means to stop smoking. Public Health England (PHE) estimates that the vapour from e-cigarettes is 95 per cent less harmful than regular cigarettes, but if you use certified e-liquids at recommended vaping settings, the percentage is even smaller. Recent independent studies show that most of the chemicals causing smoking-related disease are absent in e-cigarettes. To our knowledge, there has been not a single case of a user developing a health condition from vaping.

Will switching to e-cigarettes save money?

Generally, vaping is a lot cheaper than smoking cigarettes, but it depends on how much you vape and what kind of vaping equipment you use. For example, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day sets you back about £810 every three months. A standard e-cigarette kit and a three-month supply that administers a similar amount of nicotine, costs between £115 and £240 (e-liquid £90-£180; starter kit £20-£50; coils £5-£10). That’s a saving of between £570 and £695 every three months (and e-cigarettes typically last a year, rather than three months, so it’s likely to work out even cheaper in the long run).

I’m new to vaping. Where do I start?

The easiest way to find out more about vaping is to pop into our vape shop in Hammersmith, where our friendly and experienced staff will help you to find equipment and flavours that are just right for you.
Alternatively, you could try our Aspire K3 starter kit and our favourite Virginia by D'lice e-liquid if you’re a smoker or any of our nicotine-free e-liquids if you’re a non- or very light smoker.
If you used to smoke between 5 and 15 cigarettes a day, we recommend an e-liquid containing 3-6mg of nicotine. If you smoked up to 20 cigarettes a day, opt for 6-12mg of nicotine and 18mg if you consumed more than a pack of 20 a day.
Please keep in mind this applies only for e-cigarette starter kits up to 15W. If you use a more powerful machine with 30+ Watts, you need to reduce the nicotine concentration to 3mg-6mg.

How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes are electrical devices made up of a rechargeable battery, a tank and an atomiser or coil, which heats the e-liquid, producing vapour for you to inhale. Although it may sound complicated, all our starter kits and vaping pens are very easy to use and come with clear instructions.

What is e-liquid?

The e-liquid, also called vape juice or e-juice, is a mixture of
• water
• propylene glycol (PG) to produce a throat hit
• vegetable glycerine (VG) to create vapour
• flavourings for taste, ranging from mango to mint
• choice of nicotine level, ranging from nicotine free to 20mg.

You can also purchase a nicotine shot or booster from our mixing supplies to add to nicotine-free e-liquids. We only sell high-quality e-liquids, which have been rigorously tested for maximum safety.

Do you inhale the vapour?

It’s up to you! You don’t need to inhale to enjoy the taste, but most people who try to stop smoking will vape in a similar way to how they used to smoke – and that means inhaling the vapour to ingest nicotine to avoid cravings.

What is vaper’s tongue?

Some vapers, who use a single flavour for too long stop being able to taste their natural flavour. It's nothing to worry about and switching to a different flavour for a while ensures that you can go back to your original taste before too long.

How often do I need to change the coil?

You need to change the coil (also called atomiser) when it’s worn, or the wick is burnt. How long a coil lasts depends on how much you vape, but it’s usually between one and four weeks. A lack of taste or a burnt flavour in your mouth are signs of a worn coil. Low quality e-liquid can make your coil wear out after only one or two days, which is another reason to only use high-quality e-liquids.

What are mods?

Some vapers switch from vaping pens to mods, which are larger vaping devices, capable of delivering a bigger vape cloud and greater throat hit than a standard vape pen. There are regulated mods with an LCD screen and unregulated mods (of course still perfectly legal), which are mechanical devices. Both allow you to use higher settings for high VG e-liquids for a smooth output for direct inhale, similar to a shisha pipe.

It all sounds complicated. Is vaping equipment difficult to use and maintain?

Not at all! It’s very straightforward once you hold the equipment in your hands. All our starter kits come with easy-to-understand instructions, and you can always ask for advice in our e-cigarette shop in the centre of Hammersmith or newly open Waterloo Station Vape Shop. Of course, for more advanced vapers, there are many different options for customising equipment.

I still have a question about vaping

You’re always welcome to visit us at our shops, give us a call on 0203609440 (Hammersmith Vape Shop), 02072071720 (Waterloo Station Vape Shop)  or send us a message via our contact form.