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UD Mini Tool Kit v2

Size 125*75*28mm Weight 231g 1 x Screwdriver 1 x Cotton Hook 1 x Tip Tweezer 1 x Diagonal Piers for Coils 1 x Scissors 1 x Coil Jig  Packaging:Leather box ..

£25.95 Ex Tax: £21.63

USB Fast Charger for 510/eGo 420mA

The 510 Electronic Cigarette USB charger will allow you to recharge any of the 510 eCigarette batteries (manual or automatic) from any USB port. On average a 510 rechargeable electronic cigarette battery takes between 60-180minutes to fully recharge ..

£4.20 Ex Tax: £3.50

Vape Band

Vape Band Medium Size 22-24mm Colour: Black or White Sign: "I vape" or "I love vape"..

£0.60 Ex Tax: £0.50

WOOD HYBRID RO-02 Drip Tip -58% Out Of Stock
WOOD HYBRID RO-05 Drip Tip -58% Out Of Stock
WOOD RO-03 Drip Tip -58% Out Of Stock

Zipper Case Small Red

    Colour: Red     Size: Small     Style: Bumper Carefully selected materials and great build quality to keep your electronic cigarette safer for longer. The modern design will give the users more joy from using their e cig  kit. Outer dimens..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42

Zipper micro USB Iphone Charging Cable

Zipper micro USB Iphone Charging Cable Micro USB & iPhone - iPad Lightning cable Zip design for splitting or joining the cable ..

£5.49 Ex Tax: £4.58

AL-26 Aluminium Heatsink

AL-Aluminium Heatsink with double seal for heat dissipation...

£0.99 Ex Tax: £0.83

G-14 2 Part Pyrex Drip Tip

G-14 2 Part Pyrex Drip Tip Material: Acrylic and pyrex glass..

£6.50 Ex Tax: £5.42

Heatsink Stainless Steel 510 UD

If you find your mods getting too hot because of the heat from your atomizers, then this 510 Heatsink Adaptor should keep it under control, especially if you’re a sub-ohm vaper. It features a copper pin to minimize voltage drop off and it is adjustab..

£4.19 Ex Tax: £3.49

K-16 2 Part Drip Tip

K-16 2 Part Drip Tip with stainless steel end. Base comes with two seals for better fit...

£6.49 Ex Tax: £5.41

K-38 Rotating Drip Tip

K-38 Rotating Drip Tip Material: Stainless Steel..

£6.49 Ex Tax: £5.41