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Flavour description: The Perique e-liquid blend uses the distinctive Perique tobacco grown exclusively on one small piece of land near New Orleans, Louisiana. The liquid is steeped in white oak barrels previously used for maturing bourbon whisky. This process helps give the e-liquid a subtle vanilla-caramel note.

Perique tobacco is perhaps the most potent variety in terms of flavour and is considered by some to be the truffle of pipe tobaccos. Due to its great flavour, it is never used on its own but instead blended with milder varieties, such as Brightleaf, to provide spice and strength to the blend.

Red Vape E-liquid production:

Red Vape gets its distinctive flavour from the barrel fermentation process that Louisiana settlers learnt in the 18th and 19th century from the local Choctaw and Chickasaws Native American tribes. These tribes had been producing Perique for over a thousand years, and it was  Pierre Chenet who learnt the process and developed it along with more western production techniques.

The tobacco plants are harvested when the leaves are a dark, vibrant green colour and the plant itself 24-30 inches in height. After harvesting, they are hung in curing barns until the leaves are dry but still supple. The leaves are then rolled into "torquettes" and placed in whisky oak barrels under giant jackscrews which keep the tobacco under constant pressure. Every few months, workers take all the leaves out, put the bottom ones on top and press them back under the screws. The entire curing process takes more than a year. The result is a powerful experience with fans describing Perique as spicy, earthy and rich.

Works with:
Best For 50/50 Universal
Flavour Category Tobacco
Leading Flavour Tobacco

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