Apple D'amour GV 40/60 30ml

-37% Discontinued Apple D'amour GV 40/60 30ml
Apple D'amour / Plaisirs Gourmands - Greedy Pleasures

60 VG / PG 40 Best for subohm coils...
As in the funfair, an apple slightly acid sweetened well dressed in caramel.
  • Nicotine level: 0mg
  • Ratio: 40PG:60VG
  • Size of bottle: 30ml
  • Flavour: Marshmallow
  • Ingridients: Propylene glycol & vegetable glycerin have the property to generate steam. Food flavorings bring all the taste flavors. Nicotine is as liquid nicotine, it serves to promote the hit (contraction sensation in the throat during the passage of steam). 
  • The Green e-liquids hazes are made ​​in France. 
  • The flavors used are certified food grade. 
  • They contain no diacetyl, parabens, ambrox. 
  Plaisirs Gourmands - Greedy Pleasures range that will bring you back to the past. You will find the funfair tastes, well known candies, drinks not to mention pastires.

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